A Tale About A Girl

This is a tale
about a beautiful girl
she didn’t at all believe
how wonderful she is
so she started to build a very tall wall
around her delicate heart and soul.
She always argued and fought
She screamed and yelled
She never took a rest
Or a breather to think.
Her eyes are fierce
Her words are sharp
Her delicate heart
was aching in silence
searching for rescue or relief or just a rest
but the wall prevented an access.
For the first time we talked, it was in private of course,
she said she was too weak to climb on the wall
or to knock it all down once and for all.
She said she simply forgot where the key for the gate
and anyways the lock is so rusty and probably stuck
and well, there is no chance for her (or anyone else) to pass
or knock down the wall, because it is so wonderfully strong!
This beautiful girl, that this tale is about her,
is equally wonderfully strong as the wall
and she is so smart and capable for all!
So I showed her all that, how so wonderfully strong and loving she is,
and we went for a walk, of course we never for a moment stopped our talk,
to search for a path
that reaches her heart
On our way, I can tell you that,
we found some magic and powers and some new skills
that this beautiful girl kept as a secret
and finally now she was willing to uncover
for her to use and enjoy, share and spread all around
What happens to the wall and the gate that is rusted?
She decided to keep them in place, for now, just in case…
But the gate is now open
and around the wall is a wonderful garden where she plants good thoughts, and deeds and kind words
so she can spread them around to people in need
And the heart, oh, her heart and her soul
They are finally rescued – for love is everything one need!

This poem was inspired by the children and adults I see at my office, my own children and my younger self.

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