Hypnotherapy for
Children and Teens

Hypnosis for Kids and Teens

Imagine the ease you would feel knowing that your child feels empowered as an individual in the world.
Imagine confidence in their eyes and on their faces when they talk about their future, go to school or university, meet new friends, or feel excited about sleep overs or even attending summer camp.

Miri works with children and their families, supporting them to create a calm and supportive environment in their households and in the privacy of their minds.

Growing in a calm and supportive environment allows your child to reach their full potential. Providing and maintaining a calm and supportive environment allows for parents to support themselves and their children.

When your child believes in themselves, can maintain their confidence while facing a challenge, and enjoys life regardless of setbacks – you know they’ll be okay. Imagine how it will feel when you or your child no longer fear that they cannot do something – because now they can!

Working with Miri, your child will learn new skills which will empower them and will introduce positive change into their lives.
Through a series of fun, playful, and imaginative hypnosis sessions with Miri, your child will be encouraged to use their creativity to overcome challenges and remove mental blocks.
They’ll use existing resources, as well as learn to create and contribute to new solutions and approaches to the things they find challenging.
Miri works with growing number of high performers who are overcoming mental blocks and stress by helping them create and maintain a calmer state, which leads to improved performance.

Pediatric Hypnotherapy can help with:
• Removing mental blocks
• Sports performance
• Coping with change
• Anxious thoughts, behaviours, and patterns
• Fear and phobias
• Bedtime fears and patterns
• Speaking up (in class or in public)
• Bullying / Being bullied
• Academic challenges
• Habits like nail biting, thumb sucking, hair pulling, etc.
• Building self confidence
• Managing obsessive thoughts
• Bed-wetting and Soiling
• Pain management
• Eating habits
…and much more

“My child is happiest most confident he has ever been! It is noticeable to his friends and teachers. He is being invited for play-dates and sleepovers. We are over the moon! What a huge change in such a short time.
We can’t thank you enough!” – A & G, Vancouver


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