Pain Relief
Do you suffer from daily pain or recurring pain that can strike at any moment?
Does your pain prevent you from doing the things you want to do?
Do you feel as if there are no options and you are stuck with the pain?
Do you feel like you have tried everything, but nothing fully helps?

Pain is an integral part of our protection mechanism. When pain occurs, it is a natural signal to alert us that something is wrong and requires attention; therefore it is imperative that Hypnotherapy is only sought after a medical diagnosis.
Chronic pain can cause stress, obsessive thoughts, and elevate negative emotions. It is pervasive and can affect every aspect of life – taking away the joy, placing limits on life participation, and even taking a toll on the loved ones around us. It can be devastating.
Working together, we will balance the emotions, calm the thoughts, and manage the stress level.
Once the emotions, thoughts, and stress levels are healthy, we have the opportunity to heal at a deeper level and increase the comfort in the present moment.
You will learn various strategies and skills that are suitable for your own lifestyle and add them to your toolbox – so you have them with you for life.
Hypnotherapy for pain relief is a non-pharmacological and non-invasive method to help strengthen the mind-body connection and supports rapid healing.
Through the process of Hypnotherapy, you will also develop a higher level of awareness for your body and your needs which will allow you to increase the level of comfort in your daily living.