Stop Smoking

How many times have you tried to quit smoking?
How many times have you been disappointed to begin smoking again?
Do you feel like you tried it all and maybe you will be stuck with this habit for the rest of your life?
Are you hesitant but at the same time want to break free of this habit?
Are you ready to make the commitment to leave this habit in the past?

If you answered yes, then let’s start!

Hypnosis is an effective approach to help people who smoke break the ties with their unwanted habit.
We are creatures of habits. Our habit patterns are stored in our subconscious, which means, it is hard to make changes to the subconscious using our consciousness. By using Hypnotherapy, we are tapping into the subconscious and as a result can allow changes to take place more easily and naturally.
Since the time you lit your first cigarette you developed both mental and physical dependencies on the habit. There are many triggers that remind a smoker to light up their cigarette – can be locations (i.e. their car, a pub, etc.), emotion (stress, sadness, excitement, nervousness, etc.), time (with the first coffee, after lunch, before bed, etc.)
Most smokers start smoking between the age of 8-24 years old and the main reason they start is connection / acceptance. They want to either connect with a group or a person or they want to be part of a group.
Every habit begins in order to protect us in a way, though as we move on with life, we sometime, discover that we don’t need this specific protection any longer – however, it is already a deep-rooted habit that is hard to change; in the case of smokers, they have developed mental and physical dependency.
Working together, we will tap into the triggers and neutralize them, reframe the way you perceive smoking, and the empower you to make the shift – leaving this habit in the past and to go on to live a healthier life.

This process is completely natural –
no drugs, no cravings, and no withdrawal.

6 tips to stop smoking
Decide to become a non-smoker and leave this habit in the past.
Imagine yourself feeling proud and living a healthy life, enjoying the freedom, the clean air you are breathing, and the money you are saving.
Be aware of your triggers and notice when, where, and why you light up a cigarette.
Notice that every time you light a cigarette, it is a decision that you are making.
Commit to your decision.
Affirm to yourself every time you decide to not light a cigarette – This is an act of self love.

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