I have a severe weight problem, at 67 it is impacting my health with much pain from arthritis in my hips and knees.  I had tried, over the course of my life, many many attempts to get my weight down.  At first, it was for my own vanity, to look better, but now it is solely for my health and to reduce some of my pain.  I had searched for a hynotherapist through my association with my employment [I worked in a hospital] but was unable to find one that was recommended.  I found Miri on a Community Web Site.  She was starting a weight loss group using hynotherapy.  I jumped at the chance and have been with her, one night a week, since October 2015.  I have lost 15 lbs.  And although not a great deal, is continuing as I slowly loose the weight.  Images and thoughts implanted in my subconscious are there to make real changes in my eating behaviors.  Miri, herself, is a truly wonderful person, whom I have grown to love and respect.  Trust is a very important part of this process and she exemplifies that.  She is able to remember all of my triggers and also my motivations.  How, I don’t know…I think because she truly cares about her ‘clients’. *
Meg Holthworth
Hi Miri, I just want to thank you again! The transformation I had from completely lack of trust in hypnosis to losing so much weight thanks to you and to the hypnosis is no less than a miracle (and hard work hahaha).
Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for making me believing in myself again. I lost 31 lbs since we started. I learnt so much in our sessions which changed so many things in my life. I feel alive! I feel light! And I miss our sessions…XOXO Sam *
Samantha T
It is almost 3 weeks since the last time [child name] saw you for hypnosis. [child name] is now having only dry nights. This is HUGE!!! In only 2 weeks he made a very significant transformation – from wetting his bed almost every night to completely dry nights!
The impact on [child name]’ behavior is also very substantial – he is more confident and happier than before and although he was invited many times for sleepovers in the past, it is only now that he actually agreed to go to one.
Thank you for everything!!! *K. L. (Vancouver)
Miri, I am so glad I found you.
My son was always a bit timid and it was hard for him to make new friends. We got him into number of social clubs in the hope he will make a friend or two, but unfortunately it never happen. Actually his anxiety skyrocketed. Even going to school was too hard on his fragile heart (he is an A+ student).
When I told him about you I saw the disappointment in his eyes as if he said to me: “please mom, don’t make me go”. But as soon as we entered the door you’ve formed a connection with him and immediately he felt good. Right after the first meeting with you we noticed his confidence level is growing. After the 2nd meeting he started to talk to other kids. We couldn’t believe it! After the 3rd meeting he literally approached other kids at the playground and play with them!!! And he did it so naturally while I was watching with tears in my eyes.
It is now couple of months after we met with you first and I see a different kid – full of confidence and his kindness and amazing personality is shining through. His smile fills in the room. He is HAPPY. And he has friends now. I can’t thank you enough. *
A.W (mom to a 7yo boy)
Last year we registered our son to PedalHead camp. We bought him new bike which were slightly bigger to his size. He was quite scared to ride downhill as he wasn’t confident enough about reaching the hand breaks when he needs them. Miri worked with him after the first day of camp where the next day they were supposed to go all the way from Main & 23rd to Jericho beach. The only worked together for 30 minutes and I was very skeptical whether it will work or not. We dropped him off the next day and I worried. To my surprise, when we picked him up at the end of the day he was so happy and told us that “it was the best day ever”. I asked him so many questions about the day and his hand breaks and he was so at ease, no worries at all. I don’t know how Miri managed to do it, though he fully trusted her and within 30 minutes his view on his abilities and his confident changed completely. I am a true admirer. *G.K (dad to a 7.5 yo)

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