Weight Loss

Since you are visiting this page, you already know that losing weight is not about the food. It’s about your mindset. And I can help you with having the right mindset.

When working together with my clients, we identify the patterns that are no longer supporting them, then stopping them and replacing them with new positive behaviours.
Based on that, we determine which program will fit best for your needs.

My programs will help you regain control over your behaviours and lifestyle. They will empower you to be the best person you can – love and accept yourself and have compassion for yourself and the ones you care for.

Hypnosis will encourage you to shift your perception of food and our work together will equip you with practical tools to allow you to reach your goal and achieve a sustainable change.

Lose weight without losing your mind!

I offer 2 approaches: group program and private program

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Group Program

Weight loss in a group setting is offered at coaching format that consists of 6 weekly meetings.
During our time together, I will share tools and techniques that will empower you to shift your relationship with food and regain control.
The groups are dynamic and encourage attendees participation.

This program will look into:
• How to program your mind for success
• Gain control over food, behaviours and a healthy lifestyle
• Increase your confidence, self-esteem and self-love
• Identify your trigger and neutralize them
• Offer practices that allow your self-esteem to flourish
• Techniques to adopt healthier eating habits
• Make a natural choice for food that supports your body without eliminating the food you love
• Learn how to manage your weight for the rest of your life

Private Program

If the camaraderie of the group dynamic in a six-week program is not something that appeals to you and you rather have a personalized program that consists mostly of hypnosis, message me or book a free phone consultation to assess your readiness and our compatibility. When we connect I can assess what would be the best way to work together so you can reach your goal and enjoy a sustainable positive change.

Working one-on-one is the fastest and most effective way to notice profound changes. The private programs are tailored to answer the client’s needs.
When working privately, it is easier to identify and uncover the blocks and beliefs that hold you back from reaching your goal.
Each program is packed with tools and techniques which help neutralizing triggers leading to the unwanted patterns and behaviours – and that help to shift into more positive and supportive behaviours

For some people, it makes sense to participate in the 6-week group program, and book a session or two in private format to deepen the work and create more meaningful, sustainable change.

It is my goal to create the right setting for success and provide the tools that allow my clients to become lighter in body and soul.

Contact me when you’ve made the decision to commit to a lighter, happier life.


Private Program – Hypnotic Band

Another approach to weight loss is The Hypnotic Band, which is the hypnotic version of the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding.
This powerful program will hypnotically reduce the size of your stomach so you will eat less, feel fuller faster and lose weight.
The program consists of 4 sessions to help you reach and maintain the weight loss results you are looking for without going through a physical operation.
This program is NOT a diet. Using the program you encourage you to create and support new and healthier habits where you eat less without depriving yourself, learn to listen to your body and lose weight.
The program will support you to make the physical as well as the psychological changes to reduce available space in your stomach and as a result, reduce your food consumption.

Contact me or book a free phone consultation to assess your readiness, and our compatibility.




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